Learn more about graphene-based neural interfaces in this article published in R&D Magazine by ICN2 Graphene Flagship researchers ICREA Prof. Jose A. Garrido and Dr Steven Walston.

“Graphene—a novel 2D material comprised of a single layer of carbon atoms—is rapidly making its way through research and development phases. It is electrically and thermally conductive, chemically stable, transparent, flexible and strong. Leveraging these attributes to improve and create new technologies is a common theme across many fields. But how could one material be so ubiquitous?”

Find out in Creating a Graphene-based Neural Interface published in R&D Magazine, in which ICREA Prof. Jose A. Garrido and Dr Steven Walston explain the potential uses of graphene in its many forms in neural interface technologies, including retinal implants. By doing so they also bring the Graphene Flagship, a largescale research initiative focused on taking graphene and related materials out of the lab and into European society, to the attention of an American audience.

ICREA Prof. Jose A. Garrido is the leader of the ICN2 Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices Group and deputy leader of the Graphene Flagship Biomedical Technologies work package. Dr Steven Walston is a Whitaker International Scholar currently working in this group.

Source: R&D Magazine