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4 Point Stage Station inside Faraday Cage

4 Point Stage Station inside Faraday Cage

4 Point Stage Station inside Faraday Cage:

  • A cupper mesh faraday cage (Freestanding Faraday)
  • Enclosure, W×D×H 128 x 35 x 110 cm, Thorlabs) is placed on a vibration free (air cushion) table. The Faraday cage is shielding from Electromagnetic/Electrostatic Interference (Shielding: 55 dB at 10 MHz)
  • 4x micropositioner (Micropositioner, Linear Motion, 80 TPI travel 12mm-12mm-12mm
  • Magnet (On/Off Base) with Triaxial cables are used to contact the Device Under Test (DUT)

The setup is used to assess material sheet resistance or potential fluctuations and to measure intrinsic noise levels of novel materials

Transistor Characterization SetUp 64 Channels

Lock-in Amplifier (Zurich Instruments)

Equipment for electrical characterization

Transistor Electrical Characterization

2x custom made transistor characterisation setups. This setup is able to measure 16 transistors in parallel applying a common gate voltage. The setup is made of a current-to-voltage converter and two different filters, a Low pass filter (LPF, ≈ 0–0.16 Hz) for the DC component of the signal and  a band-pass filtered band (BPF, 0.16 Hz10 kHz)  for the AC-component of the signal (each filters with its respective gain, to avoid saturation)

Lock-in Amplifier (Zurich Instruments)

Transistor Characterization SetUp 64 Channels

A custom built characterization setup is available to characterize the stationary and AC (Bode and noise spectrum) response of up to 8×8 GFET arrays. An 8 channel multiplexer is used to switch among the 8 rows of the array at the desired speed. Effective switching frequencies of up to at least 9.6kHz can be achieved, allowing to simultaneously characterize the dynamic response of the GFETs at up to 600Hz. This setup has also been used for the operation of actively multiplexed graphene solution-gated FET arrays in-vivo, for the recording of neural activity in the rat cortex (Schäfer et. al. 2D Materials 2020).

Noise Measurement for Transistors (EPHYS)

Noise Measurement for Transistors (Open Ephys Acquisition Board)

The Open Ephys acquisition board provides an interface between a computer and up to 512 channels of neural data

Osciloscope (Tektronik 2014B)

Osciloscope (Tektronik 2014B)

Electronic measurement instrument:

Tektronix TPS2000 Series TPS2014B Oscilloscope, Digital Storage, 4 Channels With UKAS Calibration, 100MHz

Atomic Force Microscope

Atomic Force Microscope

Asylum MFP-3D Atomic Force microscope, equipped with electronic for conductive AFM, tip station, electrochemical cell and vacuum chuck for 4 inch wafers.


Kethley Source-meters (3) 2400 2401 2415

Source measurement units (K2400, K2401, K2450). Current measurement range 10 fA-1A



Elmasonic P 180 H:

Frequency (kHz): 37 / 80

Heating power (W): 800

Power consumption (W): 1130

W×D×H (mm): 390×321×340


1x Programmable precision hotplate (HARRY GESTIGKEIT GMBH) as table-top or built-in units, standard
built-in adjustable over-heating protection 100…350°C,
200×200 mm, 800W, 230V

2x Stirring Hot Plate with Digital Display;
Temperature (Metric): 5°C to 550°C
Stirring Range 60 to 1150 rpm

Stimulation System

Electrode Stimulation System

G4002-1.6mA.2-channel general-purpose stimulus generator for current and voltage-driven electrical stimulation, 4000 series, with integrated stimulus isolation unit for each output channel



Autolab PGSTAT128N the PGSTAT128N is a low current, low noise and fast potentiostat/galvanostat capable of measuring maximum 800 mA, with a compliance voltage of 12 V

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