2D Materials Lab

2D materials lab
ICN2 shared facilities
Annealing oven

Annealing oven

Custom made annealing oven: Vacuum chamber with a 5-inch hotplate.  Turbo-pump: Turbo HiPace 300 Package, P min: 10-8 Torr; Tmax 800ºC, gases: N2, Forming gas, Ar

The annealing oven is used for the annealing of microfabrication residuals for materials that cannot be exposed to air or oxygen at high temperatures, such a graphene and other 2D materials. The annealing oven is also used for some curing steps of special resigns and to improve the metal adhesion to specific substrates and increase the coupling at the metal/material interface.

CVD Reactors

CVD Reactors

Hot-Wall Chemical Vapour Deposition reactors, deposition of Graphene from gas phase precursors CH4/H2, Ar as a process gas, up to 1200ºC.

Raman microscope

Raman Microscope

Confocal Raman microscope Witec for ultrafast 3D Raman imaging. The system is equipped with two excitation wavelengths, 488 and 632 nm, and two diffraction gratings, 600 and 1800 g/nm. Several magnification objectives are available, including a 50x long working distance and a 63x immersion.

Raman microscope

Home-built, vertical, hot-wall MOCVD reactor system

Thin film synthesis by use of  volatile precursors  that are stored in external stainless steel canisters and released through stainless steel tubing into heatable reaction chamber (vertical quartz tube). Currently used for deposition of mono-to few layer MoS2 from (CH3CH2)2S and Mo(CO)6 precursors . Ar/H2 as carrier/reducing gas, mass flow controllers, max. temperature: ca. 900ºC in quartz tube hot-wall reaction zone, T control by thermocouple at sample, controllable reaction pressure down to base pressure: 5*10-4 torr provided by rotary pump. Inlet and outlet gas filters, exhaust safety system.

Raman microscope

Residual Gas Analyzer “Hiden Analytical HPR-30”

Vacuum process diagnostics by triple filter mass spectrometer  for individual process applications such as CVD, plasma etching, MOCVD, process gas purity and in-process contaminant monitoring. Detection limit: 5ppb; soft ionization mode.


MOCVD Reactor

4 inches MOCVD reactor, equipped with two heaters and showerhead gas, generator of plasma, sources independent from molybdenum and sulphur precursors.
Maximum temperature reachable 1050°C

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